Friday, January 13, 2006


Geena Davis showed her acting abilities while playing the two roles of Charlie and Samantha in “The Long Kiss Goodnight.” However, her medical phenomenon was a bit unbelievable and borderline multiple personality. After a car accident, Samantha’s old personality of Charlie slowly came back to her in bits and talked to her through mirrors and dreams. I understand that it is ‘just a movie’ but come on. And it was a little unclear about the ending. I mean I understand everyone survived but is Geena Davis’s character Charlie with Samantha like qualities or vice versa? Another far fetched character is that of Mitch, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Mitch is a private investigator who sees a gun and wants to ditch Samantha. However, when the violence and crime starts picking up, he miraculously gets a personal attachment to Samantha and stays. I felt it was unbelievable that a non-cop would risk their life in such a way for another person of no personal connection.
It was interesting to see a woman not in the position of victim. Geena Davis succeeded in playing the heroine and savior. “The Long Kiss Goodnight” positively depicted both a black man and a white woman. I believe Guerrara would not have a problem with this movie because Mitch is shown as a compassionate and caring sidekick. Both characters are not at all stereotyped in a negative way. I enjoyed looking into the life of a government hired female assassin but did not think “The Long Kiss Goodnight” was at all realistic.


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