Thursday, January 12, 2006

the long kiss goodnight because nobody ever stays dead

What a movie to end on. I now remember seeing clips of this movie while flipping through the TV, and quickly changing the channel. We all know that Gurrero would have a hayday with this film, but if the roles were reversed there would be screaming feminists as well. Who knows which is worse. The fact that Mitch is played by such a strong black man is soooooo contradictory to the character. When I think of Samuel L Jackson, I don't picture him asking a woman to come save him. That is why I have such a hard time watching this film and actually believing what their characters are saying and presenting. I think that these cop action films are always at Christmas time because that makes the family ties so much stronger. Even the corrupt government guy who wants to kill 4,000 people for budget cuts isn't a monster because he gives the little girl a doll for christmas. Somehow that act erases everything else. One thing that I found interesting was the name usage of the characters. I thought that was a great tactic of the producers, because both of her names can be masculine and feminine. Samantha was used when she was in her PTA/mommy role, and Sam when she was became crazy killer. This is the same for the Charlie/Charlene name, which shows that she is acting like the typical crazy, bloodthirsty cop (or CIA agent). In comparison to Silence of the Lambs and Agent Starling is that she has that femine name all the time and acts rationally, and solves the crime killing only one person. Our man/female Charlie walks into traps and kills a lot of people. Unlike the other cop action films that we've seen, in the end our hardworking killer chooses family and quits the job. We have yet to see any male cop do that yet (but i havent seen all 193 cop action movies like King).


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i really like your closing argument. She does go back to her family, her teaching job, and her "Samantha" identity. She turns down an offer from the president. I doubt we would ever see a male "hero" doing this.....

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