Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a bit unrealistic movie. A former CIA assasin comes down with amnesia and is suddenly the most popular woman in town-Mrs. Claus, PTA, school teacher, and cookie baking wife, be realistic. So when it just so happens that she gets into a car accident, and let me point out that she has time to walk over to the deer and kill it but not enough time to run and save the man in the burning car?? Then in the next scene the man who sees her on tv and who was suppose to kill her before, breaks out of jail and comes to finish her off, it just happened so perfectly. She suddenly remembers how to kill and forgets how to be a mother and husband, so the following day she sets out on a road trip with somewhat of a stranger on a quest to find her identity. And as time progresses she changes as a total housewife to a professional killer. Her attitude changes, she now refers to her daughter as the kid instead of her kid. She wants to forget all about her happy life and be a killer again. As the mood changes you see Samuel l Jacksonon's character, Mitch, try and help her remember who she really is, especially when she tried to seduce him. Genna Davis's character, Samantha, of Charlie, turns out to be alot smarter than she really is, and when the child is brought back into the picture she is reminded that she is destined to be that mother and wife once again.
This movie however is very very different from the others. With the main partners being a black man and a white woman, you sence the vast differences. Essentially these two people come from very different backgrounds, Samantha, a mid class white woman, and Mitch a lower class black man, come together in this film. In the end together they act as both the heroes and it is hard to really say exactly who the real heroe is beacuse throught the whole movie one helps the other and the other way around. They both seem to be mentee and mentors to each other, Charlie, teaching and helping Mitch to survive, and Mitch helping Samantha to remember who she really needs to be and is. Overall this film brought about the different sexes and partners well, but as a whole a very complicated film.


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