Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is Dani, on training dayyyy

“Training Day” I had a lot of mixed feelings about. In this movie I did NOT feel that the black cop was the wiser, more intelligent cop as it was in “Se7en” or “In the Heat of the Night”, instead I felt that he was a sneaky criminal himself. Examples of this was that he was very back stabbing to people who were his “friends”. The white cop on the other hand was the “rookie”, but I wouldn’t label him as the intelligent cop either, because that wasn’t the case. I think that this movie is harder to compare to “Se7en” or “In the Heat of the Night” because of the facts that the other two movies followed more of the same story plot of a mystery having to be solved whereas in “Training Day” it was basically showing you the literal training of this new officer. The other two movies also took place over a period of time, such as a week or so. “Training Day” was all a one day shot. In the sense of good cop bad cop it is obvious that the good cop was the white cop and the bad cop was the black cop, also the white cop I guess you can say was the clear hero in this movie as it was harder to tell in the other movies who was the sidekick and who was the hero. In the beginning of the movie the white cop is perceived as a side kick because he is the one in training but in reality he is the one that in the end is going to save more people from being killed and tricked by the black cop.


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