Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Training Day

Honesty, bravery, learning, and family are all key themes to the movie Training
Day. The movie tells the story of Detective Alanzo Harris getting the newest member of his team, Jake Hoyt’s, first day of being part of his narcotics officer group. Detective Alanzo is much different from the other African American characters in the other films that we have watched. At first, Alanzo comes off as being humorous and somewhat stuck up in his abilities, much unlike any of the other characters we have seen yet. He is dedicated to his work and keeps his eye on the prize. The way he does his job is unlike any of the other detectives we have seen yet. Alanzo comes off as being good at first, but later on we learn he has alterior motives and has been getting money illegally, making him the un-hero of the film. His “mentee” serves as our hero. Once Hoyt realizes what Alanzo has been doing and all of the scams he has been making, he turns on Alanzo
and ultimately has everyone working with Alanzo and Alanzo’s own family against him. Harris becomes our hero for discovering this, and we discover that he gets the revenge on Alanzo in the end after his death.
Overall, I found that this movie was a good representation of how cops go bad and how they go against what they stand for. I was surprised that Alanzo ended up being a criminal himself, at first thinking that he was just trying to teach Hoyt a lesson. One of the most powerful scenes in my opinion that shows Hoyt as the hero is when Hoyt takes Alanzo’s badge off and puts it on himself. This truly says how much in this one day that Hoyt has proven himself ready for the job.


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