Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Training Day

This movie was definately different than the previus two we have watched. Although the black cop in this movie was still the one with more experience and seemed to be more knowledgeable, he was definately not the hero. It was a good transition from seven, because at the end of seven, Mills murders Kevin Spacey. This is obviously something that goes against a cops honor, which was the basis of Training Day.
Training day begins innocently enough, with Ethan Hawke meeting Denzel for his first day of training. Within the first few scenes it becomes evident that Denzel is very malicious and definately has alterior motives. At first, Ethan allows himself to be influenced by Denzel, but as the situations become more serious, he begins to stick with his morals. Something interesting I noticed was how Denzel would manipulate Ethan after every unethical situation. The first time, when they busted the white kids for buying weed, you could tell Ethan was uneasy about how the situation was handeled. When they got back in the car Denzel started raving about how well Ethan handeled the situation and how he was a natural. After every time Ethan was upset about what happened, Denzel would proceed with all these compliments to try and take his mind off what happened. I don't think this worked necessarily, but it was just something I picked up on.
The first time i saw this movie I was really surprised at how good it was. The last scene was what got my attention the most. I figured everyone would gang up on Ethan, but then they all take Ethan's side and turn on Denzel. In the end he got what he deserved, death, and Ethan got what he deserved, the respect of the streets. This movie also makes you think about the police system. I always knew there were crooked cops, but I never thought about how it worked. This movie gives you the feeling that for every crooked cop out there, there is a good guy to balance out the system.


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