Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is Dani

“Se7en” is one of my most favorite movies. When watching the film again for another time I found that I didn’t really see racial issues come into play. I think that age was an issue more than race was. The black cop seemed to be the older, wiser and soon to retire character. While the white cop seemed to be younger, more childlike, starting a new job character. The black cop in this movie in comparison to Virgil from “In the Heat of the Night” is that they both seemed to be wise and at times not respected like they should be. In “In the Heat of the Night” Virgil is not listened to with all of his facts about who the murderer was and what not. While in “Se7en” the black cop was not listened to when he would give commands such as, “doesn’t open the door until the others get here…” where the white cop disobeys him and busts down the door regardless. I feel that in both movies the black cop was the more intelligent more together cop while the white cop can be compared with the white cop in lethal weapon. They both seem to not be scared of consequence. They also seemed to be more on the child-like side in their actions and their words. For instance in “Lethal Weapon” the white cop jumps off a building into a big pillow like inflatable which keeps him out of harms way. He does this in order to get their suspect on the ground. In “Se7en” it is a similar situation where the white cop jumps out of a window and lands in bags of garbage as he is on a high chase. In both cases the black cop would not have done the same thing, showing the white cops as a little more risky.


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