Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As many people have already noted in their blogs, there isn't any blatant racial issues that are found in the film Se7en. However, I agree with some of the ideas that were mentioned in class today, that since the film was produced in a different decade, race was not as prominent an issue in that time period. Meaning it didn't have to be one of the main issues like it was in In the Heat of the Night. However, i think that there were a lot of similar characteristics that could be found between the character Mills of Se7en and Riggs of Lethal Weapon, and between Somerset and Murtaugh. These similarities i attribute to the precedents films such as Lethal Weapon present. Lethal Weapon was such a success that it makes sense to have the similar cop buddy characteristics for Mills and Somerset. Somerset again is the older, wiser, more respectable cop. He is more rash and thorough, which is depicted since he's never had to fire his gun (which i thought a little skeptical with the kind of town that was presented and since he was so hardened) and also he looks a lot deeper into the crime scenes. Mills, like Riggs, is the new guy coming onto Somerset's turf, with youth, off the cuff rules, impatience and eagerness. I liked how they didnt immediately rub off on each other, and that it took until the end of the movie to be understanding of each other.

I have seen this film many times before, and i love it even more than the last. Each time, i find some extra that makes the cinematagraphy even better, such as today i noticed how much he mentioned his wife in the latter part of the film. This movie definitely fits into the King's analysis of the way cops treat their wives, for she is obviously neglected (he doesnt even return her phone call before he goes on a dangerous mission with this crazy freak) and later she is murdered. The ending though is the only way that i could imagine the film, however horrific and gruesome is. Because it was so climatic, the only way to have a good ending would be this kind of twisted shocker. I like how it also showed that the cops can be the same as the criminal, which is something King brings up as well. This was brilliantly forshadowed in the car ride when John Doe tells Mills that he is the same as him, and then how in the end they are both sinners in the sick seven killings.


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