Tuesday, January 10, 2006


In this movie, you can clearly see the differences between the black cop (Somerset) and the white cop ( Mills) in the way that they dress. Somerset, played by Morgan Freeman, is very clean, sharp, and is clearly a perfectionist. While, Mills, played by Bradd Pitt, is a little more messy. In Se7en I did not see any signs of racism. These partners acted together for the same goal, where in yesterday's film, In the Heat of the Night, the two main characters acted for the same goal, but not together. Another main point between these two films is the smarter partner. Both Somerset and Tibbs are the more experienced person, they grew up in the areas of this movie. In Se7en, the chief and Mills, are relativly new to the area and they are not as respected quit as much. They are also the professional of the two by both following by the books. You can clearly see that there was time between when these two films were made, in yesterday's film there was clear evidence of racism, and in today's there was no sign of it. That may also have been due to the fact of the locations. In the Heat of the Night, it was in the deep south of Sparta, Mississippi, while Se7en was in a more diverse big city. Where as in the more racial movie, Virgil was only attached to the crimes because he was accused of it early on, Se7en actually had the victims related to the cop. I liked today's film because it was so intense throughout the whole movie. I did however think that the ending was not as good as it could have been, even though with the death of the wife, you could almost see it happening. And the hints that the killer said on the ride out there were almost leading up to this.


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