Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Seven (uhm Deadly) comparisons...

Seven (uhm deadly) comparisons...

1-The importance of pride in the way one dresses has once again been brought to my attention in Seven. Although both Sommerset and Mills are reasonably well-dressed, I think Somerset looked a little more put together with his hat and suspenders than Pitt. Once again the award for best-dressed goes to the black man in the movie.

2- Once again we find no evidence of real lust between the black actor and any sort of romantic partner. Although we do find Somerset comforting and giving advice to the pure white woman which brings to mind the scene in which Mr. Tibbs comforts the white widow in In the Heat of the Night.

3- The white cops in Seven and Lethal Weapon seem to be gluttons for punishment in a way. Although more evident with Riggs, I found the scene in which Mills chases John Doe an example of someone chasing trouble. He also knows he'll get reprimanded for breaking Doe's door open but he does it anyway...luckily he's a smoother talker than the other white guys in the cop movies we've seen and he gets himself out of it.

4- It seems that Mills was getting a little lazy in the "listening to your wife" department. Although she is killed by John Doe a la John the Baptist, I agree with Neal King when he wrote that the relationship was "probably doomed anyway by the cop's disinterest in his wife's aspirations and complaints." And like several of the other cop movies discussed, it wasn't shocking to find Mills romantic life fail. No character we have seen this past week hashad a succesful family life apart from Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, who stills endangers his family.

5- It would be (almost) understandable to find out that the white cops in the Lethal Weapon, In the Heat of the Night, and Seven feel envious of the black cops. In these three movies we find thre black cops that are well-respected by their police department peers (Tibbs home based department anyways). In the Heat of the Night had the easiest to identify form of envy in the chiefs sarcastic comments towards Mr. Tibbs.

6- Back to the issue of family... I find that the cops who try to both do their job well and have a family life are slightly greedy. They need to have it all. Sommerset and the chief rom In the Heat of the Night seemed to understand that to try and have everything just wouldn't work out. Unfortunately for Mills, his wif'e's death drives the point home.

7- It was intersting seeing the way Sommerset was not really influenced by Mills rage at the end to go crazy himself where as Glover was influenced overall by Gibson's recklessness. It seems the white guys did influence their black partners overall, since Glover goes a little haywire and Sommerset decides not to go live far, far away in a cabin but decides instead to stay around.

favourite line in the movie: "Could the freak be anymore vague?" thank you Mills.


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