Monday, January 09, 2006


I really didn't want to have the same title as everyone else, specifically the name of the movie, so I thought I'd just say "Hi".

Anyways, my first thoughts looking back on the movie include the question, why is it called "In the Heat of the Night"? Granted the murder took place at night, and bad things tended to happen at night from that point on, but is that it? Regardless of the title, I actually enjoyed the movie, it was well done and portrayed a number of important ideas, beliefs and symbols. On the other hand, I also believe that if there are any soundtracks to this movie, they should be taken out and shot. Horrible music.

It was interesting to see the racism and then the reverse racism. The police, and generally everyone else in town was racist and Tibbs had to really complete several significant tasks to earn only marginal respect. On the other hand, it was Tibbs who also wanted little more than to arrest the extremely rich racist who lived on the stereotypical southern estate complete with black workers who looked to be little more than slaves.

What I found hardest to believe were the police officers. It appeared that they had no formal training whatsoever and were more ignorant than they probably should have been. The racism however, I think was portrayed realistically. Also, I think that the plot of the movie became a bit convoluted at the end. How many different people can you arrest for one murder and for how many different motives?

Overall, I liked the movie and it was good to see what it may have been like to experience racism and reverse racism in the south and at that period in time.


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