Monday, January 09, 2006

racial oppression

The movie, "In the heat of the Night" which took place around the time of the civil rights movement, illustrated overt racism. Virgil was wrongly accused of a murder b/c of his race, despite the fact that he was nicely dressed and of middle class stature. Presently, our society has shifted from overt to covert racism over the last thirty years. Since racism is not as direct and obvious as it was pre-civil rights people are under the impression that racism is no longer an issue that plaques our society. However, black middle class men face the most obvious racism today. Our scoiety praises those who have succeeded and are living the American dream. As i learned in my State of Black America class, that although middle class blacks have reached society's occuaptional and achievement standards, it is simply not enough. Middle class blacks do no recieve the utmost respect they deserve. Much like Vigil who struggled only to recieve very little respect. In conclusion, no matter how hard they work they cannot be stripped of their skin color and it remains the most prominent feature to the rest of society.


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