Monday, January 09, 2006

In the Heat of the Night

Virgil Tibbs in “In the Heat of the Night” goes against what Heroes in Hard Times scenario of the white male usually being potrayed as the hero. Tibbs can be personified as intelligent, observant, patient, and goal-oriented. Nothing ever seems to faze him. From the time he is first taken into jail by accusation, to when he is being chased he always keeps the same composure and the same tone he always has. No matter how many times he is told to leave Tibbs never gives up until the case is solved. In the end Tibbs comes out solving the case and being the hero, going against Heroes in Hard Times statement.
Sheriff Gillespie is a stereotypical depiction of what a Police Chief for this time period, location would be like. He is a very-by–the book cop, and makes quick accusations, not taking no for answer. Gillespie can be describes as a definite hard- ass. He is a good stereotypical example of how in film cops would treat African Americans.
He makes a quick judgement about Tibbs at first because of Tibb’s race. Tibbs must prove to him not only by his intelligence, but by his personality that he is a good detective and also a good person.
The time period that this film was made in and the way how African Americans were shown suits what Guerro says about how African Americans are portrayed in films. Besides Tibbs, the only other African Americans shown are either picking cotton, or working in the auto-repair shop. The way Tibbs is treated by everyone until he can prove himself also goes along with what Guerro says in Framing Blackness.


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