Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Although I have seen the movie Se7en several times before, I have never really thought of comparing it to Lethal Weapon. However, it is clear that there are in fact many similarities between the main characters of the two films, as well as some key differences.

One of the first things I noticed was how in both films, there is some reluctance by the two cops to become partners. In Lethal Weapon, Murtaugh blows up on Riggs when he jumps off the building, and there is a clear sense of tension between the two when they are first partnered together. In Se7en, Mills seems genuinely excited about working with a hardened veteran detective, but Somerset clearly doesn't feel the same way. He is very cold towards Mills at first, and it is not for a long time until he becomes comfortable with having a partner (or trainee) for his last days on the force.

Another similarity is the role of the black man in each of the films. Both Murtaugh and Somerset are the old veterans who are very professional. Somerset is immediately shown as a careful, meticulous detective when he is shown picking off a tiny spec of something off of his jacket which is lying on the bed before going to work. However, Murtaugh is married with a family while Somerset is all alone. This is a big difference because in Lethal Weapon, Murtaugh seems like he is only on the job to support his family, but Somerset has no family to support.

Although each of the white men in the two films are the new younger officers, they have different personalities. Riggs is basically insane, while Mills seems smart, although he is very enthusiastic about his job. In Se7en, Mills is the one with the wife and in Lethal Weapon, Riggs is the loner.

Finally, I thought that the ending to Se7en is fairly unique because it is one of the only cop movies I can think of where the cops really lose. Although the murderer is killed, he gets Mills to kill him too, which was his big plan to complete all 7 deadly sins.


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