Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Besides the comedic aspect, I saw a lot of comparisons between the cop characters in “Se7en” and “Lethal Weapon.” Like Murtaugh, Somerset was the eldest and getting ready to retire. He was also the black character, the hero, and the one who had more experience. Unlike Murtaugh, he did not have a family. Riggs and Mills were similar because they were both young and spontaneous. However, it seemed like Riggs had a lot more experience and was more comfortable with his work than Mills. Mills has a wife and is happy, while Riggs is suicidal and lonely.

Like many action/suspense movies, the cop pair chosen to work together does not get along at first in “Se7en.” Somerset thinks that Mills is not ready for the difficult case. Eventually, the two become partners that work well together and friends. Race is not an issue in this movie.

Somerset and Mills both teach each other and learn from each other. Somerset has a lot of experience and advice to give to the rookie, while Mills helps Somerset to become a little more adventurous.

The cinematography in this movie directly related to the subject matter. Most of the time, the lighting was dark and the sky was cloudy. I think the way the movie was filmed was important to the plot, because the film focused on a lot more than the two main characters. It was the opposite of “In the Heat of the Night,” which focused mainly on dialogue and did not include a lot of editing, transitions, or unique camera angles. I enjoyed the plot of “Se7en” even though it was very graphic and bloody.


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