Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Training Day

When we first are introduced to Denzel's (Alonzo) character it is immediately established that he is a tough and intimadating guy. He sort of treats Hoytt like an idiot, for example when he asks him to pay the bill at the diner. Also, it seems as if he feels like Hoytt is not tough enough...therefore he instantly tries to rough him up and show him who runs the show. Ethan's character is established in their first scene together, at the diner, as a very timid, nervous and scared cop. Unlike any other cop movie we have seen Ethan's character is develped much differently. Although, Brad Pitt was an outsider in Seven, he was not afraid to get the job done. Most of the reason why Hoytt was so scared was because Alonzo did not follow the rules. He was extremely unorthadox. He roughed up the two attempted rapist and Snoop Dogg, searched a house without a warrant ( also like Mills). He resemblemed Axel, in Beverly Hills Cop, in the sense that he was not by the book. In the Beveryl Hills Cop, not going by the book was a different approach that worked for his character. Alonzo basically laughs at the fact that Hoytt wants to do things by the book. Throughout the movie it is as if Alonzo's is the hero and Hoytt is just his sidekick that helps out. But by the end Hoytt isn't scared of Alonzo... he goes right after him and proves himself to be the hero.

When Hoytt and Alonzo first drive down the rough neighborhood, Alonzo tells him don't ever come here with out me. Meaning, that without him they would kill him. By the end of the film, Hoytt is not afraid and goes to the neighborhood in search of him. When he has got the gun to him outside and all the black people that are surrounding the scene take his side prove him to be the real hero. Hoytt didn't agree with how Alonzo chose to do things. A few time you hear Hoytt say "they should be off the streets" meaning he got into this job because he wanted to rid the streets of harmful people. Much like most of the other hero's in the other films. He went after Alonzo because he didnt deserve to be a cop... Alonzo wasn't helping the community in Hoytt's eyes. Hoytt just like all other hero's is compasionate about his work.


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