Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Training Day

The film, Training Day, is completely different from any of the other films we have watched thus far. In Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop, In the Heat of the Night, and Se7en, the plots are centered around the two main cops trying to solve the big crime. However in Training Day, there is really no crime that Alonzo and Jake are trying to solve. The movie is merely taking us through the first day Jake meets Alonzo, his training officer.

Training Day focuses more on getting into who each of the two main characters are, and lets us try to decipher what is going on in their minds. We can see early on that Alonzo is a very cocky person who makes sure he always gets what he wants. However, it is not until late in the movie that it becomes apparent that his goal on that day is not to train Jake to become a good narcotics officer. In reality, he is just scheming in order to come up with the one million dollars required to pay off the Russians so that they won't kill him. I thought it was extremely clever, although disturbing, that Alonzo got Jake to smoke the angel dust-laced marijuana so that Jake would not be able to ruin his plan to steal Roger's money. Alonzo realized that as a new officer, Jake would not react well to his corruption.

This scene when Jake smoked the pot was very interesting when I thought about it. Alonzo asked Jake to smoke the drugs, then when he refused, he slammed on the brakes and put a gun to Jake's head. However, Jake stood strong and still refused to do it. It wasn't until Alonzo put back his gun and told Jake to get out of the car because he was not going to make it as a narc that Jake actually smoked the week. It was almost as if Jake would rather have been shot than be fired.


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