Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Training Day

Training Day was the most intense movie that we hatched so far. The characters themselves were more complicated then our previous ones. Alonzo, is the hard ass mentor, while Hoytt is the new rookie to this aspect of the police. Alonzo comes off like he is so much smarter then Hoytt with all his street knowledge, and at times you even see as though Alonzo may be helping him. As the movie continues on Alonzo's true colors are shown when he sets Hoytt up for disaster. Alonzo makes all this be a so called test, but by the end you realize that he is just trying to cover his ass. Hoytt, new to the job is not quit sure what to think or due in certain instances. It is very evident that he does not like the way that Alonzo runs the streets, often not by the books and in a criminal sence. Some instances that the viewer can really see is when he beats up the rapists, when he makes eye contact with the girl in the back of the car, and when Alonzo pressures him to smoke weed and drink while on the job. Not nowing better he does, but you can tell that he does not like it. Just like some of our past cops such as Tibbs or Axel, he is an outsider in the black community and stands out. Hoytt is more like Tibbs than Axel because he likes to follow by the rules, for instance not taking the money that they stole. Alonzo, not like by many and often manipulative, is like Axel and Mills. He likes to do stuff his way and not by the book, the only difference is that Axel and Mills are truly good cops, where as Washington's character is not. Like again in all cop movies you see how family life blends in. Hoytt's family is very important to him and a high priority, where as Alonzo's is not so much. He puts his family in to harm and runs, and this is evident when he looks up in the window and sees his wife and child and just looks away. To me Alonzo is a selfish person, who is not really looking after anyone but himself. His so called friends that he has corrupted are no better than himself.


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