Thursday, January 12, 2006

Long Kiss Goodnight

First off, Geena Davis, I mean Charlie, kicked the most ass out of all the cop movies we have seen! Geena Davis' character was developed much differently then all the other films, sort - of similar to Ethan Hawk's role as Hoyt. Like Hoyt, she starts off as a quiet, timid and scared outsider. But as the movie progresses she ( like Hoyt) changes into an aggressive cop. Instrestingly enough, she starts off as a family person... but once she realizes her old identity, she makes the comment, i didn't have the kid she did ( meaning Samantha). This also implies what Kings noted as "real people suck" pg. 207. Meaning her family life, her normal life sucks. She also indicates this when we see the torn picture of her family in the trash. It is as if she wants to forget that they are a part of her life. As becomes 'Charlie' again, she becomes Samuel L. Jackson's mentor, and he is her sidekick. However, i believe that at the end of the film he is actually the hero. She is radioing for help and he comes to the rescue. At the end of the film we see that she has given up her spy lifestyle for her family.

The issue of gender does not really come up in this movie. When we watched silence of the lambs, Clarece (sp?) was treated differently then the rest of the cops becuase she was female. For example, they talked in private as if they needed to protect her from hearing the gruesome details of the sex crime. On the contrary, Geena Davis' character was absolutely not treated any differently becuase she was a female. In no way did anyone hold back on harming her becuase she was a woman. In fact, since she was so tough she got it just as bad.


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But doesn't Mitch constantly laugh whenever he thinks that she is an assassin? Nathan tells her she is in the car and Mitch laughs.

In Atlantic City in the hotel he laughs again as she has transformed into Charlie as they discuss her being an assassin.

Isn't that saying something about gender? Or is it just saying something about Mitch who only sees women in one light--as sex objects?

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