Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Okay so I thought "Training Day" was going to be the most unconventional of the movies we would watch in class, but after seeing "The Long Kiss Goodnight," I was wrong. This film, to me, goes against most of the stereotypes in both books by King and Guerrero.
First of all, the plot is not just about a criminal that the cop pair is trying to find, but a personal mystery as well. It includes flashbacks and a cop (spy) that is a woman. Of the two, unlike Lethal Weapon, Se7en, or other films we've studied, the black character is not the more experienced character or the mentor. Charly is a woman, a trained assassin, and the hero of this film.
One part of the movie that goes along with stereotypes mentioned in the books are the cops' family lives. Mitch Henessey is divorced and longs for a relationship with his son. As Samantha Cain, Charly has a husband she loves, a daughter, and is very involved with her community. However, when she transforms back into Charly, she nearly forgets about her family and at first doesn't want anything to do with them. She remembers that they are very important to her and does anything she can to save her daughter.
One other thing I noticed a lot of were references to sodomy and homosexuality. If someone was trying to stay out of trouble, it was o they wouldn't get "ass-fucked." Nice.
A lot of the time, Henessey didn't really know what was going on. He relied on Charly to protect him and figure things out. This role kind of switched, because at the beginning Mitch was the one who was in charge and ready to figure things out. Overall, I liked this movie because it something different that I wasn't expecting.


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