Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am not going to lie, this was the only movie that we watched in this class that I really did not like. While it was entertaining, I just found it way too out there. This woman went from a school teacher to a trained assassin in 1 day, just because some memories came back to her. I know it is a movie, and there are obviously aspects of the other movies that were at least slightly unrealistic, but so much of this was way too far fetched. Aside from my 2 sense, there were some aspects of this movie that I found interesting.

This movie was completely unique when compared to the others that we watched. It is the only movie where either of the main characters are female. However, in this movie there was no aspect of discrimination or ridicule because of her gender. It can be argued that race was a factor in some if not all of the movies we watched (with the exception of Se7en), but in this film, there was none of that. Samual A. Jackson's character might have been black, but that did not affect the film at all. It is also the first film we have seen where the black man played the least knowledgable character.

This is also the only movie that we watched where the main characters were not actual police officers. King allows "heroes" to be any sort of heroic person, so Charley Baltimore definitely fits the characteristics of a hero. In addition, this movie also more clearly defines the position of the sidekick than any of the other movies, with Mitch being the sidekick.

I definitely believe that this movie was a great fit for the class, I just personally did not like it nearly as much as any of the other films.


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