Friday, January 13, 2006

The Long Kiss Goodnight

I had never heard of or seen this movie before but I have to say I thought it was terrible. This could be because I don't like Gina Davis, and I am also a psychology major and the whole amnesia thing was very unrealistic. At the begining they said she had retrograde amnesia, which means she is able to form new memories, she just can't retreive old memories. In the event that old memories start to come back, it is always the most recent ones that come back last. When she is cutting carrots and thinks she used to be a chef isn't really accurate because that is one of the last memories that would have come back. The same is true with assembling the guns and other memories that come back. Obviously, the focus of the movie is not on the type of amnesia she had, or the details of it, but being a psych major I found it very hard to get past.
There were also some parts that I didn't understand. I dont understand the scene when she crashes the car into the deer and is thrown out the front windshield. What significance did that have, and how was she not killed? Then she was in the hospital, but I feel like it was never explained well what happened.
Obviously, the main problem I had with the movie was how unrealistic it was. The scene where the one eyed assasin escapes from jail and shoots up her home is a prime example. There is a whole in the wall and Gina Davis just picks up her daugher, throws her through this whole in the wall, and she just happens to land perfectly in the treehouse. I also feel like she should have died about twenty times, and shes basically dead at the end with her daughter, and she just gets up and walks away. Basically, this was not my favorite movie we have watched to say the least.


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