Thursday, January 12, 2006

What did you expect?

I liked the movie. While I agree that the characters weren't the most believable, I think it was nice to see some action and bloodshed after starting with "In the Heat of the Night." I think the first and last movies we watched provide nice bookends for the other cop action/dramas/comedies we watched.

Although Charlie's/Sam's sudden medical miracle is quite unbelievable, did you ever really think they'd make her character anything but a born-again assassin? Truly, Gena Davis deserves some credit; I think she is a great actress, and although this scene may not have shown the true extent of her abilities, I think it was pretty damn good for an action cop movie. I never went into it expecting to see a true "film," though so maybe I underestimate the "cop" genre all together.

Regarding the material we've discussed so far, I don't even think King and Guerrero are worth using when analyzing "The Long Kiss Goodnight" because while the story is far-fetched and the characters' lack development and believability, we had good guys, bad guys, lots of guns, and assassins...really, if you liked "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and not this movie, I'd like to know how you can justify two married people who are so totally clueless about each other’s respective occupations, but an assassin-turned-schoolteacher-turned assassin again doesn't sit well with you. Is Charlie "by the book?"...Ummm maybe for her occupation because she isn't a typical cop anyway. Is she a hero? Well, she killed the bad guys to protect the good ones, so that about sums it up. She's a family woman, although she wasn't so sure until push came to shove, and she's clearly rogue, but aren't all assassins by nature? In short, I think trying to create a believable story line with likeable characters and lots of action is a tall order, and although "The Long Kiss Goodnight" falls short, it is hardly the worst film in its category.


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