Thursday, January 12, 2006

Even leaving Bourne Identity out of the picture, this movie sucked. I dont quite understand why we used this movie in the first place, they weren't cops, she was an assaissan, he a washed up private eye who hustled johns. I also don' t buy Gena Davis as an action hero, Gina Gershon sure, but davis as a femal john mccleane? Hell no. This movie just had so many bad elements, cheesy villians wave upon wave of redshirt agents who cant kill anything and always explode. And speaking of many times can these people escape death, half the time its not even explained how, they just appear and start shooting, only Michael Myers has more lives. Another part of this is how many times this thing ended, more than Return of the King; and how many times can the filmmaker come up with some way to try and scrape some suspense out of the audience? The girl escapes! oh noes now she's in the bomb-truck! Oh wait, her mom saves her! Run! No, dont go back its gonna blow dammit! Oh wait, no its gonna kindly wait for the villian to come back and then explode. Its also nice that grenades wait to detonate after the black sidekick gets off a clumsy quip, isnt that nice?

Ok, thats all. Back to the class material; Sam Jackson is the comic relief sidekick who gets emasculated by the supercop Davis time and again. Gurerro would just rip this apart, the black cop who stole out of spite, and gets by stealing gifts for his kid and setting up fake stings when he isnt milking clients for all their worth. He also isnt any good in a fight, and any instincts he has are all wrong. Way to go for a finale.


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