Friday, January 13, 2006

Better Late than Never

Although the class is over now, I thought I would comment on the two books and movies we were assigned before the class began. First of all, I completely agree with all of the comments regarding the books. King's book was extremely repeditive. There was a quote from lethal weapon that I think I read three times within the first 75 pages of the book. Both books were definitely hard to read. I tried to sit there and read them in one sit, but that was impossible. I had to do it in short sessions to keep my sanity. However, it was interesting that Guerrero was able to put a racial spin on every single movie. I would never had seen Gremlins as a social commentary on race, and I am pretty sure nobody else would either.

As far as the movies are concerned, I think that they were two great biracial cop films. The characters in the films were basically opposites. In Lethal Weapon, the black man (Murtaugh) was old and very professional and the white man was the rogue cop. In BHC, Axel was the young, energetic, not-so-by the book cop and Taggart and Billy were the professional, by the book cops. I do not believe that race really played into either of the movies though. Even though Axel goes on that rant at the hotel saying that they wont let niggers in, he is just doing that to scheme a room. Neither of the movies address the issue of race.


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