Friday, January 11, 2008

They're gonna blow my head off, you know. This is the last time I'll ever be pretty.

A Long Kiss Goodnight was maybe the worst cop film I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack because the movie would never end. Aside from the remarkable acting from both Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, the plot of the film could be classified as a buddy cop movie. We were introduced to both Samantha and Mitch, given background history on their private lives, there were chase scenes on ice skates, and villains who they escaped. More so than any other cop film that we’ve watched Samantha and Mitch really depended on one another to solve the crime. The black man played a sidekick role who didn’t really know a lot about killing in comparison to trained assassin Samantha. Also instead of dealing with race and ethics, A Long Kiss Goodnight dealt a lot more with gender and sexuality. As a female lead cop character, Geena Davis’s names were very masculine. Charlie. Sam. After realizing that she really was a killer her feminine ways with the long curly hair and soft voice were no longer acceptable. She had to cut her hair to a boyish length and speak harshly in order to come off as a convincing killer. Charlie began to drink, smoke, curse, and be seductive. When captured the villains would take off clothing, she’d always have white underwear, and water would be involved. Needless to say that’s a sexual image. As a killer she couldn’t be motherly or have compassion for her family. Meanwhile Mitch was a man who wanted to care about his family but he was being rejected. Based on the criteria of what makes a man I would have to say that Geena Davis as Charlie deserves to be added to the list because she relentlessly takes care of business all while wearing massive amounts of eyeliner.


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