Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Kiss Goodnight

“The Long Kiss Goddnight” was pretty much what I would expect from a buddy cop movie. Geena Davis and Samuel L. portrayed the typical buddy cop relationship, with an added element of sexual tension, this is something we do not see in most buddy cop movies because it is typically a male / male pairing. Geena Davis may be the biggest bad-ass we se in any of the movies we have seen, she shoots to kill and isn’t scared of anyone, even though she is at an obvious disadvantage in terms of size and strength. I do not believe gender plays too much of a role in her character, except for when she mentions “rubbing pelvises” with a target to get information out of him, something a man could not have pulled off, and of course her obvious attraction to Mitch. Other than these instances, the fact that she is woman does not change anything, she is just as good as of killer as anyone else in the movie.
In terms of the actual movie, and the movie – making / cinematography, this movie was absolutely ridiculous. I could not believe some of the scenes were actually taking place in a movie. Some of the earlier fight scenes and gunfights were pretty cool, however, toward the end it got completely out of hand. They were trying to make it seem realistic and make us draw a connection with Charly and her daughter, but it was impossible. The action scenes toward the end were so far fetched that I couldn’t help but laugh at them, the fact that they were able to walk away from the things they went through just made me shake my head and laugh at whatever they were trying to accomplish.


Blogger Danielle A said...

Like I mentioned in my blog, some of the scenes were way over the top. Like how she is rides up the christmas lights and kills the MOVING helicopter!!! It was very unrealistic to see myself being in this type of action movie. There was too much computerized action, where I found myself laughing more than being taken back!

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Anonymous colby said...

I disagree that Jackson and Davis’s characters had a typical buddy cop relationship for the obvious simple fact that neither character was actually a cop. Davis did play an assassin but the role was not typical of usual cop roles. The two characters obviously did have some form of a relationship but I think it was more of just buddy than buddy cop.

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