Friday, January 11, 2008

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight has me wondering whether it really is a buddy cop film. Automatically I want to say no, but when I looked back at all the required scenes for that type of film, I felt like this movie had them. Such as a bonding moment, a chase scene with the villain, a mass shootout, smoking and alcohol, even the villain telling them the plan! There was definitely plenty of humor (at least an attempt at). So do I classify this film as a buddy cop movie…eh, I still don’t know. I mean, just because Charlie was really an agent before her amnesia, does that really make her count as a cop-type figure?

As far as looking at race in The Long Kiss Goodnight, I think it plays a very minimal role. It’s not as dramatic as Training Day. Samuel Jackson is the only black man in the whole movie – all the villains are even white. This is similar to Beverly Hills Cop and Se7en. A couple racial comments are brought up, such as when Charlie is trying to have sex with him, but she stopped not because he was black, but because he brought up another point about her “Samantha” life. I think race was there, but like a couple of the other movies we have looked at, I don’t think it affected the relationship between Charlie and him.


Blogger Sweet Sweetback (DIrvin) said...

If you try to do too much in a movie it becomes convoluted, confusing, and especially preachy. It is good that race was not focused on in the movie, just for the simple reason that the movie had enough about gender as it was. If the movie had added the topic of race It would've just been too much. The humor in the movie keeps it from becoming too much of a drama. In a way It sort of makes fun of other action movies of its type. So to keep that sort of goofy joke feel to the movie, race is generally omitted simply because it would've made it a much more serious move. In the Heat of the Night and Training day were two of the most serious Movies because they dealt with racial issues and I don't think TLKG wanted to do that.

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Blogger natalie said...

this film didn't really deal with race but i dont even think that it was supposed to be an underlying factor. I'm not sure that if Mitch's character was white that it would make much of a difference. I think the emphasis was more on sexuality

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