Sunday, January 08, 2006

Framing Blackness and Heroes in Hard Times

"Framing Blackness" by Ed Guerrero, was a much easier book to read than "Heroes in Hard Times", by Neal King. Where Guerrero's book flowed and used examples that I could easily identify, King's book seemed like bits and pieces put together.
"Framing Blackness" was able to convey certain messsages such as how the industry has grown to be one dimensional and superficia, instead of being a true universal communication system that blends diverse groups together. I liked how he showed the whole process of how African Americans have entered the industry and what changes they have gone through.
"Heroes in Hard Times", however was not able to convey it's message as clearly to me. I have not really been able to analyze it so far, but when I first began reading, it ran through a script and then analyzed it. That was very helpful. As I read more and more it seemed as though the author began to just say a movie and what aspect it conveyed. The fact that some of the movies mentioned I have never seen or even heard of made it even more difficult for me to put together. If he would have taken one or two movies and went into depth with them, it would have been more helpful. Even though it was not easy to read, I could still tell that he focused on cop/heroes and different actions/reactions, that took place due to certain influences such as home life, women, bosses, and guilt.


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