Wednesday, January 09, 2008

deadly sins

John Doe: What sick ridiculous puppets we are / and what gross little stage we dance on / What fun we have dancing and fucking / Not a care in the world / Not knowing that we are nothing / We are not what was intended.

What crazy logic to operate on, turning the sin against the sinner, but in a sick way it all makes sense. This dark film had a lot of religious undertones and it just felt very somber with it raining all of the time. The pairing between Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt was a good “buddy cop” situation. In terms of some of the elements that we discussed in class you can classify Se7en as a buddy cop film. They had their first introduction, background history on both Mills and Somerset, clashing cop styles, a bonding moment. All of these elements are part of a buddy cop film. More so than In the Heat of the Night the duo had to work together in order to solve the crime. Other movies we’ve seen dealt a lot with race or class or some type of social issue between the two cops but between Mills and Somerset the only difference was in their style. Mills was young, brash, reckless and Somerset was methodical, straight-edged, and aged. While it doesn’t compare to the style of Beverly Hills cop I do think that it is a “buddy cop film” with major thriller elements.


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